Academic Research Center

About Taj Academic Research Center (TARC)

Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusion. It follows changes and modernization in the world and therefore unexpected emergence of innovations in different fields is impossible to ignore in a research process. Given this fact, it can be inferred that monitoring and evaluation with the aim of conforming programs according to changes and innovations is or relevant importance. Therefore, Taj Academic Research Center (TARC) has been working consistently in aforementioned areas for less than a year now.
TARC Activities
- Participation of Meer Mohammad Faroq, representing Prof. Asadullah Zia, in the Iran and International Conference of Modern Researches in the fields of psychology, educational sciences, and social studies held on 17 November in Shiraz
- Participating in the International Conference of Contemporary Management that was held in Tehran. During this conference an essay written by Meer Mohammad Faroq was broadcasted and received the Italian ICB Certificate.
- Organizing workshops for teachers and students
- Publication of a book of accounting compiled by Meer Mohammad Faroq Haidari
- Publication of a book of research method with SPSS approach compiled by Meer Mohammad Faroq Haidari
- Publication of financial calculation book by Rafe Olker
- Publication of practical physiology guidance book by Meerwaisoddin Ansari
- On 30 July 2018, Prof. Asadullah Zia, Taj Director, Ms. Semin Shams, Taj Deputy Director, and
other head of Taj departments inaugurated Taj Electronic Library officially. Besides medical, economic, and political books, the library includes books related to a wide range of other fields.
Using their privileged specific passcodes, students are able to use the library for free.
Currently the library contains 600 text books. 500 of the books are offered by TARC for the library with no charges.
- Publication of Taj Studentship Magazine