Department of Quality Improvement and Accreditation

     The Directorate for Quality Improvement and Accreditation was established in 2012 within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. The purpose of this department is to develop a high quality education system. This office launches, monitors and carries out the process of improving quality and accreditation.
     The Quality Assurance Department provides the necessary facilities for assessing the quality of higher education standards, encourages quality improvement, and ensures continuous monitoring of quality improvement programs and standards are met by higher education institutions. This department will also examine which institutions of higher education will provide services based on the needs of Afghanistan and provide qualitative requirements
     The Directorate for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in its formation is headed by the Executive Directorate, Executive manager, Department of Governmental Institutions Improvement and Accreditation.
     The first two departments work on quality and accreditation programs for public and private higher education institutions to develop academic standards, statistics on evaluations from quality improvement centers that are responsible for the quality improvement and accreditation board, The higher education affairs department is responsible for assessing the quality of scientific research, scientific publications, academics' plans for higher education institutions, statistics, assessing the quality of teaching and teaching practices. It also has a quality assessment committee that oversees the institutions of higher education and the teaching process.Leading the mission of the president and ensuring quality, improvement of scientific affairs and accreditation in line with established criteria and strategic goals of the Ministry of Higher Education National Plan

Taj’s Department of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Quality assurance and accreditation is an enormously valuable program for universities. Taj Institute of Higher Education has completed the initial stages of the program, including the availability of offices, the establishment of a Quality Assurance and Self-Assessment Committee at the Education Institute and Parliaments, the organization of workshops for college heads, departmental departments and college faculty members.
     The purpose of this department is to improve educational quality, research and scientific services in order to have a well-established academic credibility in terms educational qualification of the country.
    The status of teachers' teaching and the quality of the course and the good teaching process are conducted by referring students through feedback at each semester separately from each subject. After analyzing and evaluating feedback from students, conclusions were drawn from this conclusion, and this conclusion was examined at the college quality assurance meeting, the necessary decisions are taken to resolve the problem, and encourage improvements in the curriculum, the quality of teaching, and the teaching provided by the professors. As a result, the quality assurance committees of the colleges carry out their duties to the head of the faculty.
     The members of the Quality Assurance Committee of the colleges will be briefed on how students will attend, the attendance of professors and their preparation, how the discipline and discipline at the college level, the timely preparation and distribution of lecture notes and textbooks, the status of the library, the status of material and technical facilities Such as classrooms, laboratories, chokes, projectors, laboratories, laboratory materials, diagnostic facilities, and other facilities, and factors that affect the quality of teaching directly or indirectly, manage shortcomings and deficiencies for immediate resolution. It transmits it to the head of the institute. The Director of the Institute is committed to implementing the deficiencies as quickly as possible and will work to resolve the problem. In this way, the appropriate training process at the Crown Private Higher Education Institute is normal. To carry out the mission, the private higher education institution has established a quality assurance committee at the institute level that is under the responsibility of the committee.
1Semeen ShamsHead of Committee
2Assadullah ZiaMember
3Habibullah AziziMember
4Sadaf QuriashiMember
5Fraidon LatifiMember
6Khodad MusaviMember
7Ayub YusziMember
8Fozia NabawviMember
9Amanullah Safar UghloMember
10Shoid JahishMember

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee of Law Faculty

1Said Arif Massom ZadaHead of Committee
2Hashmatullah RezayeeMember
3Zohra MajidMember
4Noorahman FaramahrMember
5Fahima JamilzadaMember

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee of Economics Faculty

1Khodad MusaviHead of Committee
2Naim QubadoMember
3Mohammad Rafi OlkarMember
4Ahmad Seeya AkbarMember
5Mohammad Hassan TahirMember

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee of Medicine Faculty

1Fraidon LatifiHead of Committee
2Yalda AttaeeMember
3Nooria AlimyMember
4Mirwais AnsariMember
5Gholam Hydar MushtariMember