Our Mission

Taj's Mission

Taj Private Institution of Higher Education pursues future goals

1. Participation in the preparation of professional youths with international standards in the fields of medicine, law and political science and economics.
2. Setting up educational programs with regard to the Islamic, historical and national values of the country.
3. Enhancing students' intellectual talents and practical skills by providing theoretical and practical support for science and technology.
4. Educating the younger generation with hard work, endurance in the face of problems, pursuit of learning science and art, loyalty to the homeland, committed to self and community
5. All-round encouragement and support of innovative and creative scientific activities in the areas of research, education, writing, translation, publication and promotion of scientific-professional readiness of members of the relevant scientific staff
6. Transfer of contemporary science and technology for active participation in the processes of cultural and economic reconstruction of the country and overcoming the long persistence
7. Provision of scientific and academic relations with domestic and foreign institutes for the exchange of experiences.