Professor Assadullah Zia

A Psychology professor at Balkh University, in Social Sciences faculty

The head of Higher education of Taj institute  

Asadullah Zia, son of Abdullah, Asadullah Zia was the first child in his family and was born in 1917 to a middle class who was educated in Islam Kala village, in Shirin Tagab, a district of Faryab Province, He completed all his education at Zaire-i-Din Faryabi high school in his 1976 enrolled at Kabul University, faculty of Literature and Humanities and graduated in 1979.

His achievement at the national scientific centers:

1.    English professor at Zaire al-Din Faryabi High School for 2 months and 8 days in 1980’s

2.    Assistant professor at Teacher Training Institute of Faryab Pidagoji Institute

3.    Professor at Teacher
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Amanullah Safaroglu

Deputy Administrative Officer.

Amanullah Safaroglu, son of Safar-e-Hammad, born in 1983, was born into a family of people from the capital city of Qaryat-e Qala, Shirin-tag district of Faryab province. Completed primary education at Zahir al-Din Faryabi High School in his hometown. After completing the exam in the year 2006, he included a faculty of economics at the University of Balkh after graduating in four branches of study in 2010 in the financial sector.

After graduating from Balkh University in 2010, he began working as the Accounting Director of Taj Private Higher Education Institute.

After completing his five years at the Institute, he was appointed as an Assistant Administrator of Taj Private Institute of Higher Education in 2015  and remains in that position.

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Mohammad Shoaib Jahish

Vice president of finance affairs

Mohammad Shoaib Jahish, son of Haji Mohammad Asif, was born in the Aquarius 1988 in an enlightened family in Mazar-i-Sharif. He is a family member of the family and has completed his elementary education at the High School of the West and the Afghan International School of Turks in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in 2009. In 2011, he entered the University of Puneh in the Department of Business and in 2013 graduated from the University of Baccalaureate. During his studies, he trained a one-year training program in finance, human resources, business management, international relations , Talent skills, and financial software.

From 2013 to 2016, he served as the financial director of Ghazanfar Group of Companies, and at an informal time as a professor and financial advisor at the Tajik Private Institution of Higher Education. From 2016 until now, he serves as a finance assistant and professor at the Faculty of Economics at the Croatian Institute of Private Educatio
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Fereydoun Latifi

Dean of Medical Faculty

Fereydoun Latifi, son of the late Professor Abdul Hafiz Latifi, was born in an enlightened and religious family in the year 1368. In the elementary school of Gholam Rassoul Senayi, professor Gholam Rassoul Senayi spent his secondary school in Sultan Ghiyasuddin District High School in the International High School of Islamic Azad University of Takhar, Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh province. In 2007, he received 336 credits from the Faculty of Science University of Balkh medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine at Balkh University in 2014 succeeded and completed its graduation paper. In 1394, after completing the competitive test, the specialty of the specialty program included the specialty program in the mental health department of the Abu Ali Sina Balkhi Seminary and Educational Hospital and in 2012 he successfully completed the specialty program.

Meanwhile, from the early years of the university, he began teaching science subjects at the vocational training centers such
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Khodadad Mousavi

Dean of Ecnomics Faculty

Khodadad Mousavi (Seyyed Ali Mousavi) was born in a village of Balkh in 1966 at a farming family. He was not one or two years old who immigrated to Iran due to civil wars with his family. He started primary education in Kashan in 1990 and graduated from high school (martyr Raqmi) in 2001. In 2004, having calmly settled in the country, he returned to the homeland with his family and worked in various departments, including the head of the Agriculture Department, the administrative and financial director of Mazar-e Basem Amiri, the secretary of the Social Dialogue of the New Age newspaper and director of the Mitra Television translation department. He has also been the board member of the Balkh School House since 2008 and has been editor of the literary monthly magazine A to Z or for one year.

In 2011, Khodadad Mousavi began his studies at Taj Institute of Higher Education and graduated as a first-grade student in 2013. After graduatin
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