Taj Institute of Higher Educatoin Hostels

    Taj Institute of Higher Education has used two separate male and female dormitories in the best neighborhoods of the city to meet the needs of its students to establish a dormitory.
    Male dormitory at Camagar Street is a quiet and convenient place for students. This hostel has a variety of facilities, including separate rooms, a large patio with greenery, a committed management, a regular bathroom, useful food and high-speed internet. Man's dormitory fee is 1,300 Afghanis per month and its entrance fee is 4,000 Afs. In addition to the male dormitory, Taj Institution of Higher Education also has a female dormitory. This dormitory is located in the roadside of Ariana, Mazar-e-Sharif, one of the most appropriate places in the city. The female dormitory has an equipped apartment that includes bedrooms, a meeting room, a study room and a kitchen and a well-equipped and well-equipped bathroom.
    Students who use this dormitory are transferred to the university by free transportation. To provide discipline and accommodation in the dormitory, students are required to sign up at the time of entry and exit. This dormitory can only be used by students who are studying at the Crown Higher Education Institute. The female doctorate of Taj Higher Education Institution fee is 1,800 Afghanis per month and has an entry fee of 5,000 AFN.