Taj Institute of Hihger Eduaction Faculties

  • Medical Faculty

    Medical Faculty of Taj Higher Educational Institution

    Medical Faculty of Taj Higher Educational Institution was established under the framework of Taj University in 1389 (2010) and since then has been active alongside other faculties until now.


     Human needs change with time and the world is developing rapidly in a sev

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  • Law and Political Science
  • Taj Department of Law & Political Science

    Taj University was founded in 1389 (2010) in Balkh, Mazar-e Sharif. Faculty of Law and Political Science is one of the most active faculties of Taj.

    Hundreds of students, 40% which are female students, are currently studying passionately in the faculty so that they can one they serve their nation. The teachers in the faculty are highly experienced professors with PhD or Master’s degree.

    Students take general cour

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  • Economics
  • Taj Private Higher Education Institute seeks to establish a system of academic standards with national standards, with modern technology, high-quality management tailored to the needs of the community and improve public welfare.

    Many human efforts and activities are aimed for providing a better life for themselves and their families, and forging up for their community. Human beings seek to minimize life problems. In order to achieve such a situation, we must benefit from economics knowledge.

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 Leading Team

Professor Assadullah Zia

A Psychology professor at Balkh University, in Social Sciences faculty

The head of Higher education of Taj institute

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Amanullah Safaroglu

Deputy Administrative Officer.

Amanullah Safaroglu, son of Safar-e-Hammad, born in 1983, was born into a family of pe

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Mohammad Shoaib Jahish

Vice president of finance affairs

Mohammad Shoaib Jahish, son of Haji Mohammad Asif, was born in the Aquarius 1988 in

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Fereydoun Latifi

Dean of Medical Faculty

Fereydoun Latifi, son of the late Professor Abdul Hafiz Latifi, was born in an enlightened an

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Lastest Event of Taj Family


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Cooperation Protocol 2019-03-05

The cooperation protocol was signed between a number of private universities and private higher education institutions located in Mazar-i-Sharif and Balkh University, including Taj Private Higher Education Institute. The signing of this scientific and academic cooperation document is included. At the signing of the protocols, the honorable President Al-Haj Al-Maliki Al-Kosei, the Vice-Presidents of Balk University, and a group of the heads and deputies

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