As you have been reading in our brochures, in all over Afghanistan this faculty is studied for seven years. We can say that in all cure and medical faculty curriculum is similar to all universities in Afghanistan. Medical faculty of Taj is also a treatment medical faculty that attracts the students in seven years and four periods.
1- P.C.B (one year) in this period the fundamental subjects are being discussed such as; biology, physics, chemistry, genetics and English language. As well as, both theoretically and practically the issues are worked in the class in front of the students. This is because of finding the capability to connect them with the original treatments to the next classes.
2- Para Clinic (two years): in this period the students learn different subjects like; physiology, histology, microbiology, anatomy, and pathology both theoretically and practically in laboratory in order to be prepare for clinical learning.
3- Clinical period (three years): in this period the students are needed to learn the fundamentals of medical subjects in different parts of this faculty. Except learning theoretically, the students learn various subjects and for the practical working a very prestigious hospital is there by having expert and sympathetic doctor to learn something for the students. By the end of this period as the matter of the fact they are the candidate of the new generation doctors and the people are expecting for the doctors. The students of this period are very creative and innovator doctor that innovate a new style of treatments and they are a step toward stage period.
4- Stage period (one year): the medical learning process happens generally at the hospital. They work for one year under the control of the professors inside the hospital. The main purpose of this faculty is to rear the professional doctors to the society.
Note: the lessons are categorized into two (Morning and Afternoon) Shifts.
Taj cadre hospital:
It is necessary to be mention that Taj Institute of Higher Educations hence their hardworking by the help of the chancellor of university and advices of Doctor HOUSAIN “ZAFAR” that has the best experience of education process has been starting the work of cadre hospital in the best location of Mazar-e-Sharif Park of kartah Ariana. Hopefully it will be ready until next year for the access of students and People.
After building this hospital there won’t be necessary to go abroad for treatments and operations, the patients whom are impossible to cure in here will be sent to Turkey with lowest coast for treatment, Not only in Afghanistan but the TAJ cadre Hospital will be from the best Hospital in region and will be pride of Afghanistan. Taj Institute of Higher Education will soon apply for Hiring Turkish Experts.