for the first time Law and political science faculty was established in 1938 in Afghanistan. This field had been established for educating academic and professional specialist in the major of politics and judgments. This faculty is working in two different major judgment and prosecution. The duration for this faculty is four years and this is based on the confirmation of ministry of higher education. Writing thesis after finishing from this faculty is compulsory.
Law and Political faculty of “TAJ”:
TAJ has been founded in northern part of Afghanistan Balkh Province on 2010 for serving of young generations, Law and Political faculty is one of its faculties. Today hundreds of students which become the 40% inclusion of female are getting education in this faculty. These numbers of the students are being educated by professional and expert professors by having master and PHD degree. For the first two years they are thought generally and from the third year they are being divided into their important and desired major Politics and Prosecution. After spending four years by defending their thesis, they will be in the service of their country and people.
Teachers of this Faculty
Teachers of this faculty in addition of degree, background information and specialties that they have, they are trying to deliver their knowledge to the students. These are the teachers whom have and had lots of endeavor and graduated students for this society.
Allegorical Court
The staff of this institute intend to make the students and prepare them for the international and allegorical court. This is in progress seriously in order to participate in this international and allegorical court. The allegorical court competition is one of the biggest competition all over the world which is held by the students’ network in Washington DC. In this competition over 500 teams from different political schools will participate. There will a competition among all the participants and they must present something regarding to that issue and defend from the matter which is discussed.
Legal Clinic
For better improvement of the students’ intellectual power, they are trying to make such clinic. And also, in this clinic legal advices, legal awareness and preparing the academic activities of the students are the priorities of this clinic. The main purpose of this program is to increase the experience, exchanging ideas of the students.
The main intention of TAJ Institute of Higher Education is to educate the sophisticated academics for submitting to the society. During the studies, academic conferences and research articles related to the field of studying are prepared. This program currently is applied today in TAJ institute.
Cultural Committee
One of the appreciative work of this institute is making cultural committee. The fundamental responsibility of this commission is to evaluate and criticize on the written article that the students write. This commission is encompasses of one principal, three audits and one computerer. The members of evaluator is responsible to monitor and evaluate the articles of the students. Furthermore, they encourage the students to keep up these kind of good works.
Scientific Gazette
Law and Political Faculty of TAJ has owned the scientific gazette for publishing the scientific conferences of students. This research articles are all about politics and its field. Students research their articles and publish them in this academic gazette.
Academic Journeys
Preparing academic journeys for the students is one of the characteristics of this faculty. This faculty decided to find a way and take the students into different historical and visiting places of the country. This procedure can help the students to be motivated and study hard.