Taj Institute of higher Education has been founded with the aim of Serving by three hare-hearted young Afghan generations who had the best providence of the family. They are also the students of this academic area. By their hardworking and endeavors Taj Institute of Higher Education has received the permission letter in 16-May-2010 and has started its Serving in Mazar-e-Sharif. For the first year, this institute launched its activities by opening three faculties (Medical, Law & Political Science, and Economy) by having a huge amount of the students. In 2012, Taj was one of the developed universities in Afghanistan by having and providing the best facilities of learning. In this year many of the expert teachers were hired in different faculties. So these expert teachers caused the development to this academic area. It means 300% Improbment In short period, Taj has been providing the best environment of learning for the young generations which is standardized with standards of developed universities. On the other hand, it is located in the best area of city that everybody can have access easily. Today it takes to account of those universities which have best facilities for the students by providing the separated classes of lecture, laboratory, and administrative offices. Taj is proud to have been prepared the facilities of learning for young generations of the country and it is serving by having expert and sympathetic teachers, laboratory, and best equipment of learning. Finding and discovering the intellectual power, creating the facilities of learning, rearing of the young generation for having loyalty to their country, and serving to the people is the most priority goal of the Taj to be done.