Every endeavor of the people is definitely to provide and have a better life and solve their problems in the society that these are all can be earned by earning of money. Economy is the base of human lives and the completion of these are directly connected to modern technology. Today unfortunately you cannot find any role if you do not have the better situation of economy. Here we see a very necessity for the economy to understand the meaning of that and result of that in the society.
Graduated students of economy faculty will be working and solving the economic problem of the society. Not only economic problem of the society will be solved after their graduation, but also they will be busy with banking and other administration works.
TAJ higher institute by understanding the importance of the economy and its need in the society has the perspective to found this faculty. The aim is to educate them in order to solve the economic problem of the society.
TAJ higher institute believes that the graduated of this faculty can be the following effective characters on the good of the country:
1- As a manager and specialist of economy to solve economic problem of their country.
2- As specialists of economy will have active part in analyzing the economic problem of the country.
3- Endeavor for improvement of the economic system of the country.
4- By using today’s technology they can good for themselves and their country.
Duration of this faculty is only four years of studying with credit system. The curriculum is confirmed by the ministry of higher education. The instructors are from both Balkh University and TAJ higher education. All the ministries, governmental offices, NGOs, Banks needs graduations of economic faculty.
There are two times of studying in this faculty daily and nightly
From 7 AM to 5 PM daily
From 5 PM to 8 PM nightly